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Newton Conway got off the plane in Istanbul looking forward to his stay with great delight. Unlike many of his fellow passengers, he wasn't here for the nightlife.

He was here for the cuisine!

Newton was a professional chef who specialized in "exotic" cuisines. For the last year he had been saving for this working vacation in Istanbul, learning to speak a bit of Turkish, researching the best coffee houses and places to buy Lokum, Turkish Delight, and looking forward with great anticipation to exploring the Egyptian Spice Bazaar.

He rode the train to Afyon to sample the local specialty of kaymakli lokum, made with the rich local clotted cream, reputed to be produced by cattle fed on leftover opium poppy plants grown in abundance in the area. He bought lokum from the shop of Ali Muhiddin on Hamidiye Caddesi, in all their wondrous varieties. Ali Muhiddin is reputed to have created the sweet treat for his sultan in the late 1700s. His family has kept the shop going these many centuries.

But the one thing Newton was not looking for was the one he was most delighted to find.

Visiting the Ortakoy district for the weekend market of handmade delights, he visited a fine tea garden for the coffee. Newton found himself watching intently as the coffee was made in the traditional manner in the tall cezve, but had to admit his interest was less in the method, than in the tall, slender Turk brewing the coffee. His deft movements were graceful in the extreme, yet he was pure man with the dark good looks of the best of Turkish men.

Fascinated, Newton found himself returning the next day, and the next. He discovered the mans name was Hakan, and he owned the shop. Hakan spoke excellent English, to Newton's great pleasure, and before long they were having long discussions about coffee, tea, and spices. Hakan told Newton of the many places he should visit while in Istanbul and the best places to eat and buy spices to take home. And, though he never spoke of it, his dark eyes sparkled as he looked at Newton's trim, athletic figure with his pale blue eyes and dusty blond hair and Newton sometimes wondered…

It was the last full day Newton had in Turkey and, of course, he went to the coffee shop. He sighed over his first cup, almost teary eyed, as he realized how much he was going to miss his long talks with Hakan.

Hakan sat down with him, his own eyes showing a great sadness, but also sparkling with a secret delight. He took Newtons cup and turned it upside down in the saucer, and then gazed with great seriousness at the grounds.

"You never told me you read coffee grounds," Newton smiled.

"You never asked" Hakan teased, "You will meet a tall, dark handsome Turk who shares ALL of your interests and can make your wildest dreams come true."

Hakan's white teeth flashed in his brilliant smile.

"Is that so?" Newton asked, catching Hakans half serious, half kidding manner.


Hakan nodded, mock solemnly, "Just ask this man back to your hotel room tonight and he will give you a parting present you will always remember him by."

"Well then," Newton replied, "Perhaps you would honor me with a visit to my room this evening."

Hakan smiled.

When the evening came Newton paced nervously in his room. After an hour changing and discarding one set of clothes for another he settled on the simplest, well fitting khaki slacks and a white cotton shirt he had bought in the bazaar during his stay.

A knock at the door announced Hakans arrival, bearing a basket full of small gifts. The two men sat close on the couch as Hakan took out and described each of his small offerings, including an ornate Cezve so that Newton could make Turkish coffee properly after he arrived home.

That was more than Newton could casually take, and he impulsively threw his arms around Hakan in a hug, kissing him on the cheek and wishing he had the courage…

Hakan turned his beautiful brown face so his lips met Newton's own. The kiss began chaste, but soon turned deeply passionate as the barriers of politeness and reserve gave way before the genuine liking the two men had for one another melded into something far more than chaste discussion of food and tradition.

Their bodies took over where their words left off. Hakans arms enfolded Newton's slender body and crushed it against his own hard muscles, cradling him with combined tenderness and strength, as his lips seemed to try and consume the slighter man.

Newton melted against him, relief quickly giving way to heat and repressed desire being set free so that without thinking he found his fingers working at the buttons of Hakan's shirt, pulling it free of his slacks and then burying themselves in the thick hair over his deep chest.

Hakan stood, pulling Newton to his feet, and managed to both remove his shirt and walk him towards the bedroom at once, while never ceasing to kiss him, and to run his hands through the Americans short, silken blond hair and over his nearly hairless, flat but hard chest, pausing to pinch lightly the pale nipples.

They lay together on the bed, half undressed, bodies rubbing against one another wordlessly as their hands explored and worked at the fastenings of their slacks.

Newton moaned with pleasure as Hakan released a huge, thick dark cock from his pants. He cupped the dark balls in his hands and stroked the big shaft, drawing an answering moan from the bigger man. He chuckled a little as Hakan finally managed to jerk his slacks off, then rolled over on top of him.

Raising and spreading his legs, Newton eagerly exposed his ass to the muscular Turk. Hakan leaned down briefly and gave Newtons pale pink shaft a dainty kiss on his head, making Newton shudder, and then moistened his own massive tool.

Newton cried out as the huge Turk penetrated him, spreading and tearing as he delved deep inside of the American. Pain was quickly replaced by pleasure as the Turks long elegant hands soon proved they had talents other than baking sweet confectionery.

Long, slow, deep strokes sent thrills of pleasure through both of their bodies as Hakan gracefully ploughed Newton's ass with his thick cock. One strong hand supported Newtons back, while the other stroked his pale dick to rigid hardness in rhythm with the larger mans strokes so that Newton alternately gasped and whimpered in pleasure and pain, completely in the Turks power.

It seemed as if it went on forever, yet all too soon the Turk's strokes turned harder, faster, and deeper until with a deep satisfied groan of his own he released a hot load of cum deep within Newton's tight ass. Squirming in pleasure, Newton shot a wad of his own, sweet man cream splashing on his pale belly and marking Hakan's dark skin.

They spent the night together, dozing, making love again, and dozing until the sun broke through the morning. Newton awakened alone and stumbled out to the couch to find a handwritten note on the basket. Hakan's own recipe for Turkish delight…

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